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Hey guys, I'm Ultramarine, a fellow Wikian like you! :).

Hello, everyone! I'm Ultramarine192, or, as I am known in-game, Ultramarine. I am a Discussions Moderator for the MCPE Wikia, Moderator for the WikiCraft server, in-game Moderator for the Lifeboat PE Network (the largest Minecraft server network in existence), and a Forum Moderator for the Lifeboat PE Network's Forum (forums.lbsg.net).

I enjoy playing on both creative single-player servers and multiplayer servers, but I prefer multiplayer. That fact is mostly due to the social aspect of that. I love interacting with users and helping them with their issues.


Mycelium Block.png This user prefers the Creative version of Minecraft.

FM This user has forum mod rights, including opening/closing threads and editing/removing replies.

AmericanFlag.jpg This user is a citizen of the United States of America.

PE This user has the Minecraft based on Bedrock engine.