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Hi  And Welcome To My Page! 

This is a page where you can find out stuff about me. You might have clicked it by accident, but who cares! You're here and are forever bound to this page until you have read the rest of it.

Stuff about me:

My name is Gabriel Reid Nance.

My username in game is: GTIG_Irish13

My Twitter Handle is: @ThunderG1217

I am 15 years old as of now, but my birthday is on the 17th of december.

I work for an upcoming minecraft pocket edition server known as MinebogglePE as a Lead Builder along side some other great builders

I am previously an Administrator and Early Access Builder for the MCPEWIKI's Server, Wikicraft.

I used to work for Wikicraft, but have since retired/was fired. (Logistics of what happened is up to those who view it.)

I have an interest in coding, engineering, manga/art, and astronomy.

I love reading, as it is a way to relax and enjoy a good story.

Some amazing people to check out:

The sweet and caring HeyItsKayliKat