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Hello !

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As I said I am Kayli. I was the Head Admin of the WikiCraft server that was run by Dblcut3.


Some of my buddies, pals, allies....people I hate less the others (JK)

50 Shades of UltraLion

Some Dude Who Drinks Wendy's Lemonade

A Wise Man

The Mod Memer

Master of PVP and Edits

My DA Fren

A Thoughtful Pokemon

A Helpful Wolf

A Explorer of Internet

A New Pal

The Pixel Gun Master

Contact me!

So I am a very easy person to find and contact.

Email: heyitskaylikat@gmail.com

Twitter/Instagram/DA/Discord: HeyItsKayliKat

Facebook: Kayli Alexis

Who I Am


As I said earlier again XD, I am Kayli. I am a 16 yr old, high school student, with a love of many things, such as anime and games and such. I am ADDICTED to Assassination Classroom...Mainly Karma (Insert Neko Karma) as well as BNHA and Haikyuu!!

I am a huge vocaloid fan which is Japanese pop music, and I love cats. I am a very strange person. My moods change depending on the days. Mostly, I am upbeat, but everyone has their bad days.

If you ever need to talk about anything, you can message me on my message wall, or by any of my contacts (The best ways to reach me are Twitter and Instagram :3)


Wiki's I edit, or go on.

MCPE Wiki - (Normal User)

Minecraft Future Ideas Wiki - (Discussions Mod)

Creepypasta Wiki - (Normal User)

Vocaloid Wiki - (Normal User)

Minecraft PC Wiki - (Chat Mod/Rollback)

Assassination Classroom Wiki - (Normal User)

School Live Wiki - (Normal User)

Mystic Messenger Wiki - (Normal User)


I draw alot, so i'll put some on my fave drawings here! =D

My new husbando