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Game Mechanic

First Appearance

Update 0.15.0

Texture Pack is a file that changes the texture of BlocksMobs, Items, etc. in Minecraft. They were added and can be purchased in Update 0.15.0

List of Official texture packs

As of the current version, there are eleven different official Texture Packs that can be purchased in Minecraft:

  • City
  • Plastic
  • Natural
  • Fantasy
  • Cartoon
  • Candy
  • Fallout
  • Greek Mythology
  • Skyrim
  • Adventure Time
  • Steampunk

Seasonally, one of these Texture Packs can be purchased:

  • Christmas (December)


  • A Texture Pack can change the total appearance of a world to make it look old, cartoonish, etc.
    • A Resource Pack can change the same things Texture Packs can, but can also change the sound files.
  • It is also possible to create and upload a customized texture pack file.
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