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Status Effects
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Most Status Effects


Game Mechanics

First Appearance

Update 0.11.0

Status Effects (AKA Potion Effects) are effects that can benefit or harm Mobs and the Player. The first few Status Effects were added in Update 0.11.0.


Status Effects are obtainable through Potions and Tipped Arrows. Some are also obtainable by Eating certain Items such as Golden Apples, while some can also be obtained through certain Mob attacks. All of the effects listed below can be obtained by Commands.


Status Effects are mainly used to grant buffs or debuffs to Mobs, Players, etc. They can be used to increase Health, run faster, see at night, etc.


Name Effect Obtaining
Absorption Adds 2 special Absorption Hearts.

Golden Apple.

Enchanted Apple.

Totem of Undying.

Blindness Reduces the player's vision. /effect command
Conduit Power Stops the breath meter from depleting, increases underwater mining speed and gives underwater night vision. Conduits
Fire Resistance Immunity to Lava and Fire Damage.

Potion of Fire Resistance.

Enchanted Apples.

Totem of Undying.

Fatal Poison Deals 1/2 Heart Damage every 1.25 seconds. Can kill the player and mob. The Health Bar appears yellow-green. /effect command
Haste Blocks break 20% faster per level. Beacons
Health Boost Adds extra 2 Hearts (4 health) per level for the duration of the effect. /effect command
Hunger Hunger decrease by 0.025 per level for 16 seconds.

Rotten Flesh

Raw Chicken



Instant Damage Damages Player by 3 Hearts per level, heals Undead mobs. Potion of Harming.
Instant Health Heals Player by 3 Hearts per level, damages Undead mobs. Potion of Healing.
Invisibility Causes Entity to disappear. Other models on the entity (armor, weapons, items, etc.) do not disappear. Potion of Invisibility.
Jump Boost Allows the Player to jump higher by about 1/2 a block per level. Also reduces fall damage by half a heart per level. Potion of Leaping.


Levitation Causes Player to float in the air Shulkers
Mining Fatigue Decreases mining and attack speed. Elder Guardians
Nausea Distorts the screen. Pufferfish.
Night Vision Makes everything appear fully bright. Potion of Night Vision.
Poison Deals 1/2 Heart Damage every 1.25 seconds. Cannot kill the player and mob. The Health Bar appears yellow-green.

Potion of Poison.

Cave Spider

Resistance Reduces damage taken. Enchanted Apple
Regeneration Regeneration 1/2 Hearts every 2.5 Seconds.

Potion of Regeneration.

Golden Apple.

Enchanted Apple


Totem of Undying

Saturation Regenerates Food Meter. /effect command
Slowness Decreased walking speed by 15% per level. Potion of Slowness


Slow Falling Decreased falling speed. Potion of Slow Falling
Speed Increases Walking Speed by 20% per level. Potion of Swiftness.


Strength Increases Melee damage. Potion of Strength.


Water Breathing Oxygen Bar does not deplete underwater, increases vision underwater.

Potion of Water Breathing.

Turtle Shell

Weakness Decreases Melee damage by Half heart.png. Potion of Weakness.
Wither Deals 1/2 Heart Damage every 2 seconds. Similar to poison, but kills the player and mob. The Health Bar appears black making the player's health difficult to track.

Wither Skeletons Wither

Potion of Decay

Wither Rose


  • Some effects are in Minecraft, but cannot be obtained yet legitimately.
  • When a Zombie Villager is being cured, it will get Strength II and Nausea II Status Effects.
  • Players cannot hit anything with their hand if they are inflicted with Weakness.
  • When the Player trades with a Villager, the Villager will have Regeneration Effects.
  • When inside a Nether Portal, the screen will show that of the Nausea status effect; however, the Player does not have Nausea when they are in the Nether Portal.
  • Blindness, Fatal Poison, and Saturation are the only Status Effects that can only be obtained through Commands.
  • Players' hands will slow down if they have Mining Fatigue.
  • Wither effect can be obtained by any mob by running into a wither rose.