Ocean Monument
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Generated Structure


Deep Ocean Biome

First Appearance

Update 0.16.0

Ocean Monuments are Generated Structures added in Update 0.16.0.


Ocean Monuments generate exclusively in Deep Ocean Biomes with an aquatic biome everywhere within a 29 Block square radius around the center point.



Ocean Monuments are constructed mainly out of Prismarine-related blocks and Sea Lanterns, and consist of a main central section from which two wings flank out. The overall structure has pyramidical shape, and the regularity of the construction makes it possible to spot from Sea level.

As the entire structure is underwater, it is very difficult to survive without a Respiration Enchanted Helmet or a Potion of Water Breathing.


The central section contains several rooms, the central room containing a treasure room with 8 Blocks of Gold and the topmost room containing an Elder Guardian. One of the latter also resides in each wing of the Monument.

Unlike Jungle and Desert Temples there are no Redstone traps, but instead there are Guardians and Elder Guardians spawning inside the Monument posing a significant threat to the Player.


Treasures contained in the Monument include:


  • Ocean Monuments are much larger than both the Jungle or Desert Temples, making the Ocean Monument the largest temple in the game.
  • As with most Generated Structures, Ocean Monuments can be located through the use of the /locate Command.
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