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User Job Join Date

Active Staff

These users are active, and will get back to you possibly within a couple days, or even a couple minutes!


Bureaucrats can promote staff members, and have all the powers of an Administrator*. They have the most power on the Wiki.

Dblcut3 Owner. August 25, 2012


Admins can block users, kick/ban people from chat, protect/delete articles, and revert edits easily.

Pigman0439 Administrator. June 29, 2014

RedstoneDemigod Administrator. June 30, 2015

Content Moderators

Content Moderators manage articles, and can protect & delete articles.

Holroy Content Moderator July 2, 2016

Discussions Moderators

Discussions Moderators take care of the forums and can highlight and archive threads.

707Mithrandir Discussions Moderator May 25, 2015

Chat Moderators/Rollbacks

Chat Moderators can kick/ban people from chat, while Rollbacks can revert edits.

Floatingaxehead Chat Mod & Rollback May 17, 2016

PvPMaster2001 Rollback March 9, 2017

* - Technically Bureaucrats can only promote/demote anyone except other Bureaucrats and cannot get demoted, but they usually have the Administrator rank as well.

Retired Staff

These users are inactive, and have been demoted

See Retired Staff.