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The Creative Inventory


Game Mechanics

First Appearance


The Inventory is a pop-up menu that the Player uses to manage items they carry. 

It is possible to open the Inventory by pressing the three dots next to the hotbar.


From the Inventory screen a Player can equip Armorcraft items on a 2x2 square, and equip ToolsBlocks, and Items. There are 4 Armor slots and 36 item slots.

Some items can be stacked up to 64 all in one slot, others can only go up to 16 and a few cannot be stacked at all. Items can also be rearranged by double tapping the item that has to be moved move and tapping the Inventory slot where the item has to be moved to.

In Creative Mode, the Inventory has various different tabs containing all of the different blocks and items in Minecraft.


  • If the whole Inventory is filled with blocks stackable up to 64, the Player will have 2,304 blocks in the inventory.
  • After Update 0.14.2, the Inventory button was given a new look.
  • Rearranging items only became possible after Update 0.15.0.
  • In Update 0.14.0, the Survival interface was added to the Creative inventory.
  • The number of hotbar slots depends on the device used, and also on GUI settings.
  • The hot-bar has a texture similar to a transparent Sand block.