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End City
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Part of an End City


Generated Structure


The End, Outer islands

First Appearance

Update 1.0

End Cities are Generated Structures that were added in Update 1.0.


End Cities generate naturally and randomly in the outer islands of The End, which are accessible via the End Gateway Portal that generates after killing the Ender Dragon.



End Cities resemble a large Cactus or Tree with towers leading into the various rooms, and branching out into new branches with even more rooms and branches. The main building material is Purpur Blocks, with the walls of the rooms made out of End Stone. The only light source is End Rods.

An End Ship

Connected to some of the End Cities are End Ships, made similar to a classic pirate ship made out of the same materials as the End City itself.


Several different "rooms" are present in End Cities, including:

  • Base Rooms – Base Rooms are empty rooms which may vary in sizes. They generate with a Shulker inside them.
  • Loot Rooms – Loot Rooms consist of two chests with valuable loot. Some rooms may have an Ender Chest as well as a normal Chest.
  • Empty Rooms – Rooms with no decoration at all.

Rooms generates on top of each other, with the upper room larger than the lower. In addition there are towers connecting the room clusters:

  • Small Towers – These Towers are hollow, consisting only of a single Purpur Slab Staircase.
  • Large Towers – These are three times the diameter of small towers and consist of a double spiral staircase made of Purpur Slabs, Shulkers, and End Rods.


Within the End Ships there is a Treasure Room which is lined with Obsidian and guarded by a Shulker. Inside the Treasure Room the Player can find a damaged Elytra in an Item Frame at the head of the Ship, there is an Ender Dragon Mob Head.

Item Weight Chance Count
Group count: 2-6
Diamond.png Diamond 5/85 5.9% 2-7
Iron Ingot.png Iron Ingot 10/85 11.8% 4-8
Gold Ingot.png Gold Ingot 15/85 17.6% 2-7
Emerald.png Emerald 2/85 2.4% 2-6
Beetroot Seeds.png Beetroot Seeds 5/85 5.9% 1-10
Saddle.png Saddle 3/85 3.5% 1
Iron Horse Armor.png Iron Horse Armor 1/85 1.2% 1
Gold Horse Armor.png Gold Horse Armor 1/85 1.2% 1
Diamond Horse Armor.png Diamond Horse Armor 1/85 1.2% 1
Enchanted Diamond Sword.png Enchanted Diamond Sword 3/85 3.5% 1
Diamond Boots.png Enchanted Diamond Boots 3/85 3.5% 1
Diamond Chestplate.png Enchanted Diamond Chestplate 3/85 3.5% 1
Diamond Leggings.png Enchanted Diamond Leggings 3/85 3.5% 1
Diamond Helmet.png Enchanted Diamond Helmet 3/85 3.5% 1
Diamond Pickaxe.png Enchanted Diamond Pickaxe 3/85 3.5% 1
Diamond Shovel.png Enchanted Diamond Shovel 3/85 3.5% 1
Iron Sword.png Enchanted Iron Sword 3/85 3.5% 1
Iron Boots.png Enchanted Iron Boots 3/85 3.5% 1
Iron Chestplate.png Enchanted Iron Chestplate 3/85 3.5% 1
Iron Leggings.png Enchanted Iron Leggings 3/85 3.5% 1
Iron Helmet.png Enchanted Iron Helmet 3/85 3.5% 1
Iron Pickaxe.png Enchanted Iron Pickaxe 3/85 3.5% 1
Iron Shovel.png Enchanted Iron Shovel 3/85 3.5% 1
Based upon 1.7.0 behavior pack


  • End Cities are considered to be End-Game structures and hence have a chance of containing rare loot like Enchanted Diamond Armor.
  • End Cities are frequently generated with interconnecting End Cities, but they rarely generate as a single End City with no interconnections.
  • End Cities' appearance are possibly inspired from pagodas, a traditional South Asian tower, since Jens "Jeb" Bergensten travelled to Asia before the release of Update 1.9 for PC, the first appearance of End Cities in any version of Minecraft.
  • Due to the fact that Stained Glass was not implemented until Update 1.2, Glass in an End City would spawn colorless.

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