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Update 0.6.0

Difficulty is a game-mechanic that was added in Update 0.6.0. Each difficulty setting controls various attributes of Minecraft that makes gameplay easier or more difficult.


There are currently four difficulty modes available.


Peaceful Mode is the easiest mode.


  • Hostile Mobs do spawn but not in large quantities and deal less damage than in Normal difficulty.
  • Villagers that are killed by Zombies will not turn into Zombie Villagers.
  • Hostile mobs will not spawn wearing armor and holding Tools.
  • A depleted hunger bar will bring the Player down to 10 health points.


  • Hostile Mobs spawn in larger quantities than in Easy Mode but not as many as in Hard mode. They also deal normal damage to the Player.
  • Villagers that are killed by Zombies have a 50% chance of turning into a Zombie Villager.
  • As of Update 0.16.0, Zombies attack Wooden Doors.
  • Hostile mobs can spawn wearing armor and holding Tools.
  • A depleted hunger bar will bring the Player down to 1 health point.


  • Hostile Mobs spawn in much larger quantities throughout the Player's world.
  • Zombies can break down Wooden Doors.
  • Enemies deal more damage than in Easy and Normal mode.
  • Spiders are likely to inflict Status Effects.
  • Hostile Mobs have a higher chance to spawn and drop with Armor, Tools and weapons.
  • Villagers killed by Zombies have a 100% chance of becoming a Zombie Villager.
  • Hunger goes down faster than other modes, and a depleted hunger bar will kill the Player.


  • Before Update 0.12.1, there were only two difficulties - Peaceful and Normal.
  • Markus "Notch" Persson, the original creator of Minecraft, jokingly tweeted about adding another difficulty mode called Ultra Hardcore Mode. However, Markus has stated that if the player dies in the world in the difficulty, their premium account will be banned. Luckily, this was a joke.
  • It is possible to have hardcore mode and ultra hardcore with the use of mods.
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