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Creeper layout





Damage Dealt

Variable, depending on proximity (Maximum Damage: Heart x 24.5)


0-2 (+Loot level) Gunpowder
1 Music Disc (if killed by Skeleton)

First Appearance

Update 0.4.0

Creepers are Hostile Mobs that were added in Update 0.4.0.


Creepers spawn in Light Levels of 7 or below.


Creepers follow the Player when they are within 16 Blocks, and attack by exploding. When within three blocks of a Player, Creepers will explode violently after 1.5 seconds. A Creeper on Fire will also set the Player on Fire if it explodes. They make a sharp hissing sound and start flashing before doing so. A Creeper's detonation can be halted if the Player gets out of its blast radius of 7 blocks.

Creepers avoid Ocelots, both wild and tamed.

As of Update 1.2 Creepers will drop a Music Disc if killed by a Skeleton.

Charged Creepers[]

200px-Electrified Creeper

A Charged Creeper

Charged Creepers are a variant of Creepers that were added in Update 0.12.1. They spawn when Lightning strikes within a 5 block radius of a Creeper; however, this is very rare. They have a much larger explosion, and deal much more damage to the Player and the terrain. When they explode near a Zombie, Skeleton, Wither Skeleton, or another Creeper, the Mob will drop its head.


It is best to use a Bow when fighting Creepers; however, a strong Sword, like an Iron or Diamond Sword, using a charge-and-retreat strategy can be effective. Another possible method is to force the Creeper to explode by igniting it with Flint and Steel.


  • Creepers were accidentally created when Notch was programming the Pig, getting the height and length mixed up.
  • Unlike other versions, Creepers can damage the player and any other Mobs whilst being inside a body of Water.
  • If Creepers explode on any kind of Slab, only the Slab will be destroyed.
  • Creeper Explosions cannot break Blocks in Water.
  • As of Update 0.14.0, Creeper Explosions deal more damage to the Player, Creepers are slightly smaller (1.7 blocks tall rather than 1.8), and wearing a Creeper Head will knock their detection range of the wearer by 50%.
  • Bedrock Exclusive: After Update 0.16.0, Creepers have idle sounds.
  • If the Player gives a Charged Creeper a Potion of Invisibility, the electrical particles will still be visible.
  • As of Update 1.1, a Creeper face is visible on Cyan Glazed Terracotta.
  • Creepers are the only Mob to have a special drop if killed by another entity.
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