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The Classic Crafting Interface


Game Mechanic

First Appearance

Update 0.3.0

Crafting is the method by which the Player can utilize Items from their Inventory and combine them to form a new item.


Crafting can be executed either by hand or by using a Crafting Table; however, the former limits the Player to only a few recipes.

Pocket Edition Crafting (MATTIS)

The MATTIS Interface

Minecraft by default uses the MATTIS (Minecraft Advanced Touch Technology Interface System) Crafting System, in which items required are already present in their required slots on the grid present to the right.

Items which can be crafted are prioritized and shown first, and other tabs are organized as per how many ingredients for that item the Player has.

Classic Crafting

After Update 1.0, Classic Crafting (AKA PC Crafting) was made available. In this method, the Player must manually drag-and-drop items required for crafting into their correct slots for the desired item to be crafted.


  • Before Update 0.9.0, the crafting system did not include a grid and all craftable items were displayed through tabs.
  • In the early versions of Minecraft Pocket Edition, the Player had unlimited resources, therefore, there was no requirement for crafting.
  • The Player, by hand, can only craft items which require a 2x2 grid to be crafted.
  • Before Update 0.13.0, Stone-related items could only be crafted in the Stonecutter.