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First Appearance

Update 0.3.3

Bows are weapons added in Update 0.3.3.


The main way to obtain Bows is by Crafting them. They also have a slim chance of being dropped by Skeletons and found as treasure Items through Fishing. Enchanted Bows may also be found through Fishing.



To use a Bow, The Player must tap and hold the screen while having at least one Arrow in their Inventory. The Bow will begin to load, and a crosshair will appear to aid in targeting. Due to the trajectory of the Arrow, the Player needs to aim increasingly higher above the target, when the target is further away.

Holding back the Bow at the maximum level will cause it to do the highest damage, whereas holding the Bow at lesser levels will cause the Arrow to travel with less velocity and consequently inflict less damage upon the target. It will do between Half heart.png to Heart.pngHeart.pngHeart.pngHeart.pngHalf heart.png damage.

Firing an Arrow from a Bow will consume 1 Arrow from the Player's Inventory. If it does not hit an entity, it can be picked up by going close to it. It is possible to fire unlimited Arrows from a Bow by Enchanting it with the Infinity Enchanted Book using an Anvil. The Player still needs at least 1 Arrow in the Inventory for the Infinity enchantment to work.

In Update 0.15.0, Tipped Arrows were added, and when they hit their target they inflict the assigned Status Effect of the Arrow. To use Tipped Arrows, instead of selecting the Bow, the Player selects the Tipped Arrow before shooting.


  • Enchanted Bows became available in Update 0.12.1 when enchantments were added.
  • The Player cannot pick up arrows fired from an Infinity Bow.
  • Tipped Arrows will be consumed, even if the bow has the Infinity enchantment.
  • The Player can use a Bow in Creative Mode without consuming any Arrows.
  • Bows can be used to activate Wooden Buttons or Wooden Pressure Plates, and Arrows shot with a Flame enchanted bow or through Lava can be used to trigger TNT from a distance.
  • If the Player shoots an Arrow through Lava, it will become a Fire Arrow.
  • An Arrow will have trail particles when it is shot with maximum velocity.
  • Bows can be used as Fuel in a Furnace.
  • It is not possible to apply the Mending Enchantment on an Infinity Enchanted Bow, and vice versa.