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The 5 Types of Axes







First Appearance

Update 0.2.0

Axes are Tools used for chopping Wood Blocks and are the 2nd most powerful Weapons, next to the Swords. The Axe is arguably the most versatile Tool, because of its medium effectiveness in all other aspects.



Axes can be obtained through Crafting, or Traded with Blacksmith Villagers.



The slowest variant is the Wooden Axe and the fastest is the Golden Axe. The least durable is a Golden Axe and the most durable is a Diamond Axe. The main usage of an Axe is to chop Wood, or to obtain Wooden items.

It can also be used to battle Mobs, but it deals 1 less Damage point compared to a Sword made of the same material. When crossing material this mean that an Iron Axe will deal the same damage as a Stone Sword.

As of Update 1.4.0, Axes can be used on any type of Wood (the log form, not planks) to create Stripped Wood by single-tapping on the log.


  • The Diamond Axe, as powerful as the Iron Sword, can kill all Passive Mobs in 3 hits or less.
  • The Golden Axe is the fastest Axe, but only has 33 Durability, like all Golden Tools.
  • In "The Nether Update" (Update 0.12.1), Axes grew in power by getting more of a chance to give a critical blow.
  • Axes use the same Crafting materials as a Pickaxe but in a different arrangement.
  • With the Silk Touch Enchantment, Axes can be used to obtain Vines.
  • Axes can be Enchanted with Sharpness, Smite, or Bane of Arthropods along with the regular Tool Enchantments.
  • Axes mine Pumpkins faster than any other Tool.
  • Two damaged Axes can be placed together on a Crafting Table to restore lost durability. Their durability will be added together plus an extra 5%.
  • When Update 1.0.9 came out, Axes could deal more damage than a Sword, however, this change was reverted in Update 1.2.

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