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Item (Ammunition)


Yes (64)



First Appearance

Update 0.3.3

Arrows are Items added in Update 0.3.3. They are used as ammunition for the secondary weapon, the Bow



Arrows can be crafted by the Player using a Crafting Table. They can also be dropped by Skeletons and be found in Jungle Temple Dispensers.

After Update 1.0.4, Arrows can also be Traded for using Emeralds.



Arrows serve as ammunition for a Bow. They can also be shot out of a Dispenser. The damage done by an Arrow is directly proportional to its speed. However, an Arrow fired by a Dispensr will always do lower damage than that fired by a Bow. Fired Arrows behave as entities.


  • Shot arrows do not affect Endermen, as they would teleport away right before the arrow touches them, but if the arrow is tipped, the Enderman will take the effect.
  • Fully charged arrows can deal a massive amount of damage (4 1/2 Heart Damage), enough to kill a Spider in two hits.
  • Arrows are slower underwater, and in Lava. They also have a different, parabolic-like direction when shot underwater (as of Update 0.13.0).
  • The Player doesn't have to stack arrows if they have an Infinity Enchanted Bow.
  • Arrows shot by Skeletons cannot be picked up.
  • If the Player shoots an arrow at any floating Sand or Gravel blocks, the corresponding blocks will fall.
  • Before Update 1.0.4, when Arrows hits an opaque block, the Arrow will darken.
  • Arrows are the first of two items that can be equipped in the off-hand slot after Update 1.1, the second being the Totem of Undying.
  • When shot out of a Bow enchanted with Flame, the arrow will have a fire effect as it is shot, and will set any mob it hits on fire.
    • Some mobs are resistant to this.